Superior Dental Care and Service

Superior Dental Service

Superior Dental CareSuperior Dental Service is what every patient can expect when they walk into our office.

We focus on Preventive Care, which means that we do a lot of teaching, so that our patients are empowered to choose the dental care they need and have the information necessary to make good choices for optimal oral health.

Establishing long-term, trusting relationships with our patients begins with a warm welcome. We understand how anxious many people feel just thinking about their dental appointments. Our patients know that they can expect the most technically advanced treatments with the minimal amount of discomfort when they are here.

Taking the First Step

The first step to getting superior dental service is to come in to our office and experience the calm and caring atmosphere that Dr. Holz and his staff have created. Our patients look forward to their visits. We’re grateful for the many nice things they have to say about us.

Your first visit includes a comprehensive oral examination, which will allow Dr. Holz to assess your oral health and your overall health. It’s also your opportunity to establish open communication and let him know your concerns and expectations. No concerns are too small to mention, no question should go unasked. We encourage you to ask for clarification if there’s anything you don’t understand.

Superior Dental Care

Superior Dental Service & CareYour oral examination and assessment will give Dr. Holz the information he needs to discuss preventive care and treatments you may need. When we say discuss, we mean discuss. Dr. Holz’s practice is based on your choices. Our goal is to give patients the information they need to make good decisions, and we trust them to do just that.

Since we focus on preventive care, we encourage our patients to make their daily dental care a priority and to see us for regular cleaning and care.

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