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Advanced Dental CareAdvanced Dental Care: Fine Dentistry and Prevention

Our office is dedicated to the practice of advanced dental care and prevention, to help our patients achieve optimum oral health.

We establish long-term relationships with our patients. Together, we create a plan of care, so that every patient is empowered to maintain the highest level of oral health possible.

Advanced dentistry combines our technical skills and knowledge with patient education, to ensure that our patients have the tools and information they need to keep their teeth healthy and prevent decay and gum disease through:

  • teaching good, daily oral hygiene habits
  • regular, professional examinations
  • scheduling regular oral hygiene appointments

Four Types of Dental Care

Not all dentist offices are equal. Our mission is to provide you with a long term “Happy Dental Home” . The personal relationships we develop with our patients allow us to enjoy serving them with the highest level of care. Many of our patients have been coming to our office since Dr. Holz began practicing, more than 30 years ago. There are four types of dental offices. Our practice is fashioned to provide the care described in type 1 and 2 below.

Here’s a look at the four types of dental offices:

Advanced Dentistry1. Fine Dentistry and Prevention

The highest level of care focuses on restoring teeth to their ideal beauty and function. The process starts with a discussion between the patient and doctor so that we may better understand your history, needs, and desires. A thorough examination follows. A plan of care is established and goals are set, so that the patient can achieve and maintain maximum oral health.

2. Maintenance Dentistry

Dental Offices that practice Maintenance, or Intermediate, Dentistry can provide fairly effective care, but do not usually work with patients to help them achieve optimum oral health. This process also begins with a discussion between you and Dr Holz so that you can express the level of care that you are seeking at this time. A thourough exam is included in this level of care so that the patient is informed of all conditions. The care in an Intermediate Dental Office usually includes placing large, silver or tooth- colored fillings that may last 3-5 years. A Maintenance Dental office may provide removable, partial dentures rather than more comfortable fixed or stationary bridge work and implants.

3. Repair-Oriented Dentistry

A large percentage of the dentist offices in the United States practice Repair-Oriented Dentistry. This type of dental practice only deals with problems as they occur. Dental fillings are placed when the patient presents with a broken tooth, or a cleaning may be done only when a patient goes into the office with bleeding gums. There are no long-term plans for preventive care. Most patients who use only Intermediate Care dental offices are not happy with the level of care they receive but may not be aware that dentistry has more to offer.

4. Emergency Practice

In Emergency, or Urgent Care, Dental Offices, patients are only seen for emergency treatment. Many of the patients who only utilize emergency practices lose all or most of their teeth between the ages of 35-50. Emergency Practices don’t establish long-term, healthful relationships with their patient.

Dr. Holz: Advanced Dental Care
Dr. Holz likes to establish long and trusting relationships with every patient he serves. Many of our patients have been coming to our office since Dr. Holz began practicing, more than 30 years ago.

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